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Package Design for Shooting and Target Company

By July 14, 2015December 15th, 2021Firearms and Hunting

Shooting Firearms Package DesignGarrison Everest was contacted by Travis Dennison of Pro Motion Targets to help design and develop his product the Swing Shot® for retail. The Swing Shot is an electromagnetic oscillating target system—that swings left to right—for hours of fun to help shooters become a better shot.

Easy to setup, the Swing Shot is perfect for beginners, concealed carry shooters, small caliber pistols or rifles and air guns.

Below is the process we took to help Pro Motion Targets design and produce their shooting and firearms packaging for retail.

1. Research
Garrison Everest began the project by researching several potential direct and indirect competitors to help Pro Motion Targets position itself correctly in the marketplace. Patents, trademarks and UPC codes were attainted and retail channels were evaluated. The Swing Shot is targeted for the .22 caliber market, airsoft and is a fun way to spend time shooting with your family.

Firearms Package Design2. Design
We then walked Pro Motion Targets through the design process of the package that was originally in a corrugated cardboard box. Through several design and copy iterations and a few tweaks to the product’s somewhat unusual design—we concluded that a clamshell with an insertable card and a front folded card to cover the base of the product was the best option. The packaging had to achieve the following standards:

  • Easy to assemble and kit for shipping
  • Retail ready
  • Stands out on the shelf
  • Durable and theft proof
  • Communicate value proposition and features

3. Prototype and sourcing
Rough designs were then turned into CAD drawings for various packaging companies to provide quotes and a prototype was created for testing, fitting and assembly. 

4. Fulfillment and assembly
Once the prototype and card design was approved, production orders were executed, the cards were printed and the clamshells were shipped to Pro Motion Targets for assembly.


“Josh Claflin and the rest of the team at Garrison Everest are top notch professionals. They designed a killer package for the Swing Shot which will help us take our sales and marketing to the next level.”

Travis Dennison
Owner – Pro Motion Targets

Look for the Swing Shot on Amazon and in retail stores later this fall where shooting products are sold. If you’re interested in distributing Swing Shot, please contact Pro Motion Targets for more information or follow them on Twitter. 

Contact Garrison Everest for your next hunting, shooting, firearm or outdoor package design.


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By Josh Claflin, Brand Development, Inbound Marketing & Creative Strategy
Josh helps brands in the hunting, outdoor and firearms industry who are struggling to develop their brand; grow, stabilize or increase profits through their websites; increase revenue through online channels and enter the digital era of marketing.



Joshua Claflin

Josh Claflin, President of Garrison Everest, specializes in helping business and marketing leaders in the outdoor, hunting, adventure, and shooting sports industries create clear messaging and digital marketing programs that grow business.