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Great brands begin with great ideas. Your brand starts with an innovative and remarkable product or service built on a standard of quality that solves your customer’s problems. A brand can lend status, enhance an experience or make the price feel right. Your idea’s branding must connect with your customers on a personal level. You must know who they are, what makes them tick and how to best deliver your idea to them. It takes thought, research, analysis and investigation to answer the 4 questions every brand must answer: Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find you? Why should they care?

Our brand development strategy addresses these 5 business components for marketing and sales effectiveness:

Brand Development Strategy and Process

Brand Development Interview Guide

Building or discovering your brand starts by asking your customers the right questions. In this guide, we give you a framework that helps you interview your customers to uncover what they think of your brand so that you can create your buyer persona.

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400% ROI

For a Health and Wellness Company, we developed an entire brand strategy—from the ground up—that included naming, creative platform, packaging and web-based application. The brand was then sold to WeightWatchers™.


We provided package design, web design and branding for a Hunting & Outdoor Company that achieved product consistency and brand clarity that was then able to receive product placement into Walmart, Cabela’s, Gander Mountain and others.


We helped a 20-year old Emergency Physician Practice rebrand, rename and reposition to become a leading emergent care provider in a local health care market that empowered them to deliver on their mission: People Matter Most.


We created an entire new look and content strategy for a tech start-up in Silicon Valley that included website, logo, sales collateral, trade show booth and mobile app development for leading hotel and resorts that delivered hospitality upgrades.

Our brand strategy development process was built on 50+ years of combined experience with over 20 branding assignments and 100+ branding projects working with start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations and marketing teams just like yours.

We build strong brand foundations through our proprietary brand development process—that aligns the customer and employee experience with brand perception to create authentic human connections. We then empower those connections through traditional, digital and cost-effective inbound marketing methods to achieve your business and sales goals.

Our brand development strategy provides you with these 15 key points of brand communication:

  1. Industry trends and opportunities
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Customer insights and expectations
  4. Stakeholder insights
  5. Buyer persona identification
  6. Communication audit
  7. Mission, vision and purpose (the why behind the what)
  8. Value proposition
  9. Claim of distinction
  10. Positioning
  11. Business strategy and goal setting
  12. Budgeting
  13. Employer branding
  14. Talent management & recruitment
  15. Go-to-market planning

Why is developing your brand so important?
A brand is the collection of feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences (negative or positive) one person has about your product, service or company. A developed brand makes it easier for the customer to buy and makes it easier for the sales force to sell. It is this premise that makes brand strategy development an important central aspect of generating leads, acquiring new customers and growing business. You cannot compete effectively without brand development because if you don’t know what your brand stands for, how will your customers?

Starting a new company
I’m a start-up and need a logo, business card and website

Name change

Our name no longer fits who we are

Revitalize a brand
Our identity does not represent us any longer

Revitalize a brand identity
Our identity is outdated

Create an integrated system
Our visual materials do not look the same

When companies merge
We need a new brand to represent the new company

When internal teams lack clarity
Our stakeholders and employees lack direction, meaning and purpose

Attract talent
We are not attracting the right people

The truth is we live in a branded world. Whether you choose to brand or not—good or bad—a brand exists (or eventually will) that represents your company’s people, products and/or services. Below is a list of why top companies invest in brand development.

  • Make it easier for the customer to buy
  • Make it easier for the sales team to sell
  • Brand clarity and delivery spurs employee motivation
  • Increase the value of your company over time
  • Brand definition brings clarity to your business goals and direction
  • A well-developed brand works for you 24/7
  • The brand development exercise creates innovation
  • Saves money on future design and advertising costs
  • A strong brand creates preference which equals profit
  • Attract talented employees
Brand development is the process of taking your business strategy and discovering what makes it unique and distinct.
brand development strategy process
Our best-practices process is designed to “dig” for the “claim of distinction” that can be developed into a comprehensive plan that outlines the customer value proposition, positioning statement and brand attributes (personality, promise, mission etc.).

Below is a brief description and outline we take to uncover your business’ brand essence:

1. Prepare, Survey and Goal Setting
Your input will lay the foundation on which the success of the brand is built. We seek to understand your goals, culture, competitors, ask questions about your internal initiatives and external marketing objectives and other insights to understand where you are now and where you want to go.

2. Discovery and Development
The second step is the discovery and development of the brand strategy. Here we gather all of what we have learned in Step 1 and divide our information into a comprehensive plan that details the brand’s 20 key points of communication. If more information is required, secondary research is conducted.

3. Create and Execute
The brand strategy is then interpreted and dramatized into a creative platform. Upon approval of the creative platform the brand concept is then executed across designated media touch points that may include: logos, websites, newsletters, stationery, emails, intranets, posters, direct mail, demos, collateral, advertisements, packaging etc.

4. Internal Alignment, Adoption and Delivery
Brand adoption and alignment can only be accomplished by your organizations key stakeholders and employees. Adoption starts from the top down. To be successful the process must include the involvement of the company’s leadership and employees to ensure a successful rollout. We help you designate the brand steward(s) within your company and implement the tools necessary to equip your employees to accurately deliver the brand to your customers. After rollout we provide you with the ongoing tools to maximize your brand through your employer branding and external facing marketing initiatives.


Your people are THE key differentiator in a marketplace full of identical competitors.™

Our proprietary brand development approach—Brand+People®—believes your people are the key differentiator in a marketplace full of identical competitors. We focus on brand alignment through employee engagement, customer experience and brand perception to create authentic human connections for business growth and success.

Our process will help you:

1. Reduce Turnover Costs
2. Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity
3. Bridge the “Trust Gap” between You and Your Customers
4. Maximize Your Brand
5. Develop an attractive Employer Brand

We help you leverage your people in order to differentiate your brand to innovate and maximize business profitability.

To learn more, please visit www.brandpluspeople.com



Today, companies must stand for something in order to effectively influence choice. These days, potential customers have ever increasing expectations for quality. Companies are bound by reputation and performance. So it goes without saying that branding is an essential component to the process of meeting the demands that people have for excellence.

Our branding agency knows that developing and establishing your company’s position is a major function and element of marketing because it is synonymous with your image. In other words, your brand is who you are and what sets you apart from other competitors. Every business owner sets out with great ambition and the desire to achieve their goals and see their company prosper. Proper branding will result in higher sales of not only your product or service but your mission and philosophy.

A brand is more than a symbol, a name, or design, it is the identity of your service, product, or company. While the art of branding is not arduous in and of itself, there is indeed a method to establishing a brand’s development that can better be handled by a firm like our branding agency.

Garrison Everest delivers careful branding management to ensure that your company is properly oriented toward its brand mission, to effectively steer your product or service toward the direction of its target market, and to establish the ultimate goal: brand preference.


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