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Discerning shooters know that when it comes to ammunition—attention to detail, quality components, and careful craftsmanship make all the difference. Steinel Ammunition Co. is a premium ammunition manufacturer Dedicated to Every Round™. Steinel painstakingly develops and meticulously tests their ammunition (above industry standards) to provide their customers with the confidence, performance, and dependability they need in any situation (target shooting, hunting, competition, and self-defense).

The Ammunition category is a highly competitive market where companies often rise and fall based on profit margins and caliber trends. Garrison Everest guided Steinel Ammunition through a brand development process, renaming, e-commerce website, packaging redesign, and launch. Steinel (formerly XCaliber) known for their big-bore (458 SOCOM or 458 WIN MAG) and esoteric rounds (7.7×58 Arisaka or 45/70 Govt), needed a way to not only penetrate new markets (pun intended) but also leverage their current loyal customer base. Through influencers, content and email marketing, we are helping Steinel continue their explosive growth.

How we helped

“The Steinel Team has many talents when it relates to creating hard hitting and hard to find ammunition. However, we struggled with creating a strong branding and marketing strategy that effectively communicated and represented the Steinel name. Knowing our limitations, we turned to Garrison Everest. The Garrison Everest Team performed a thorough market analysis, and produced a comprehensive marketing strategy that helped differentiate ourselves from the competition. Because of Garrison Everest, we now have an outstanding website, messaging, a professional logo, and great packaging. Garrison Everest helped us build a solid foundation that will help drive the Steinel brand to the next level.” 

—Andrew H., VP of Sales

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