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Pick from our 3 package design options below.

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“We chose Garrison Everest because we were looking for a firm to truly understand what we were trying to accomplish and who we were as a company. Not only have they exhibited great attention to detail in the creative process, but have also been exceedingly helpful in educating and guiding us to define our brand. On the afternoon of our final brand completion meeting, we left feeling as though Garrison Everest had exceeded our expectations.”
– Owner, Lennox Dog Collar Co.


Have Some Questions?

What are the differences in price?
Great package design takes time and some subject matter is easier to design than others. The more time you give a professional graphic designer to create and work a concept or idea—the better product you will receive. The prices are reflected by hourly rates on what is typical to achieve your expectations.

  • CONCEPT: If you’re just starting out and don’t have a large budget, then this option is for you. We’ll spend 30 minutes getting the details down on the direction you want to take your package design or label and spend 3-4 hours creating some concepts and give you 3 revisions. This option will not provide you with die-lines.
  • CONCEPT+: This design package is for growing businesses looking to take their product to market. At this point, you may already have die-lines.
  • CUSTOM: If you are an established business or corporation and considering a complete re-branding of your packaging in a competitive marketplace this option is for you. You will receive 3-4 creative concepts based on your strategic brand platform and business goals. We will partner with your marketing team and work with your project managers to achieve your desired goals and expectations that is on-brand and on-target. We will also work with your print vendor or help you locate one. We can even help you source materials and fulfillment if necessary.

What is the design discovery?
We will schedule a call with you or meet in person to go over your project and several questions about your business goals and expectations. We will also gather information on what you’d like your package design to look like and where it will be used. You will work with a professional graphic designer from start to finish.

*What is a revision?
Once the designs are posted, you will be allowed to pick 2-4 of the concepts to be developed into your final packaging. Revisions can range from color adjustments, type, layout, positioning, elements, embellishments etc.

Why do I receive consultation with a design professional?
In today’s competitive environment, we take an interest in your business growth and success. We want to know how best to serve you and design the perfect logo for your business that is on target and that resonates with your customers. We want to answer any questions about your business or what it takes to build a great brand. We can also offer professional marketing advice.

Why market research?
For more established brands or businesses with an established track record, we want to do our due diligence to guide your packaging project without any trademark problems and to be sure your new packaging occupies a differentiated position in the marketplace.

Real-person project support?
You will work directly with the designer, not a middle man. We will work with you to establish clear communication from the beginning so that the packaging we design for you is designed on target the first time, rather than throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. We will design your packaging based on your business’ value proposition, positioning and customer. You get professional talent, experience and expertise to create your unique packaging.

Still have questions? Call for a free consultation: 303.358.3068