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The only dog food company that is founded and owned by a PhD in Companion Animal Nutrition, Old Guard relies on established, proven, and historically grounded nutritional foundations. Our founder oversees each step of the process from recipe design to our small batch, slow cooking method. At Old Guard we are committed to delivering safe, nutritious, and tasty recipes.

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Dr. Maggie Gooding founded Old Guard Pet Company because she wanted to improve dogs’ health and well-being through nutrition. She has a PhD in Companion Animal Nutrition and Behavior and worked in Research and Development for pet food companies for 14 years before leaving because she felt the companies were prioritizing marketing gimmicks and woke ideology over dogs’ health. Old Guard Pet Company is the only ultra premium dog food company with a PhD nutritionist as the founder, owner, and CEO, and they prioritize fact-based science in their recipe designs. A portion of their proceeds goes towards supporting veteran and first responder causes.

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