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Most shooters struggle with the punishing effects of recoil, that’s why FalconStrike created a hydraulic recoil pad that utilizes dampening technology borrowed from the aerospace industry that dramatically reduces recoil to give shooters greater accuracy, less flinching and more endurance.

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Up and coming shooters and aging baby boomers are looking for better ways to mitigate the punishing effects of recoil. Most shooters rely on rubber or gel pads that reduce the “felt recoil” or “kick” but fail to reduce the actual energy that causes soreness, pain and discomfort—until now. FalconStrike a popular Canadian-based company asked Garrison Everest to help enter the U.S. market with their patented hydraulic recoil pad technology. Since 2018, FalconStrike has quickly become the “must have” for serious clay, skeet and trap shooters.

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