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EasyExport is an online-based software that connects American sellers and lawful international buyers in over 80 countries without hassle, risk, or unnecessary expense.

In 2019, our initial collaboration with EasyExport marked the beginning of a successful partnership. Currently, we have re-engaged with them to help their marketing efforts. EasyExport sought a revamped brand image that resonated with their target audience, necessitating an enhanced visual identity without the need for a complete website overhaul. Leveraging a growth-driven strategy and the adaptable HubSpot CMS, Garrison Everest helped craft new messaging, branding, and positioning. We also undertook the task of reimagining EasyExport’s website to align with their new branding. With this strategic and cost-saving approach, EasyExport is well-positioned for future growth—armed with a robust brand foundation.

How we helped

  • Brand Development
    • Messaging/Positioning
    • AI-Generated Video
    • Logo Design
    • HubSpot CMS Web Design and Development
    • SHOT Show / IWA Booth Design
  • Content and Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
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