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Reach Brand and Marketing  Excellence in the Outdoor, Hunting and Shooting Sports Industry

Marketing mistakes are expensive. Grow your business faster with a trusted coach.

As a trusted brand and marketing professional for 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles and avoidable mistakes entrepreneurs and first-time business owners make, which is why Garrison Everest offers a proven marketing coaching frameworks that will help you focus, save time and money, grow profit and win in the Outdoor, Hunting and Shooting Sports marketplace.

Coaching has been proven to:

  • Grow profit by 46%,
  • Reduce stress by 57%,
  • Increase confidence by 52%
  • Improve quality of life by 43%.

If you’re ready to level up your game and stop guessing, we can provide you with a proven framework and guidance to help you build the life and business you desire while making a positive impact on the outdoor industry.


Josh Claflin
Outdoor, Hunting, and Shooting Sports Marketing Coach, Certified StoryBrand Guide and HubSpot Solutions Partner

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