Comtech AeroAstro

Comtech AeroAstro, Inc. is a leader in satellite systems, components, and advanced communications technologies. Their spacecraft and components incorporate modular architectures and plug-n-play technologies in an efficient, agile, and highly responsive design and integration environment.

When Comtech AeroAstro chose Garrison Everest  to be the agency to design their new website, everyone in the office jumped up and cheered  – because the subject matter is so cool! Space, satellites, sensors – lots to play and design with. This has been one of our more inspiring projects over the years and I think the outcome shows.

The site incorporates an RSS feed, content management system and search function for potential customers— mostly government agencies. Attracting top talent was also important which drove the really sleek and high-tech design. We wanted potential candidates to be attracted to Comtech AeroAstro.

The Result?Comtech AeroAstro enjoys an easy to use CMS, top search engine rankings and a website that represents the company and brand. To date it’s Garrison Everest’s favorite portfolio piece.

Finding Garrison Everest was such a relief… when we first spoke with them it was clear they would be the ones to help us create not only the website we wanted, more importantly, the website we needed. The Garrison Everest team is very knowledgeable about what makes a strong, informative website that attracts users – in addition they are very responsive and professional. In the end we have a very clean, streamlined and user friendly website that represents our company extremely well; all at an incredibly reasonable cost. Thank you many times over to the team at Garrison Everest!” -Director of Communications, Comtech AeroAstro

Visit website: www.aeroastro.com