Brochure Design

Equip your sales team, build your brand or communicate your products and services. Our brochure and marketing collateral design practices help you effectively reach and motivate your targets through exceptional creative and design performance.

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Brochure Design

Cuvée Ventures — Denver, Colorado Emboss, die cut, grommets, leather strap binding

brochure race program

World Triathlon Corporation, Ironman China 40 page race program with Chinese translation

hunting product catalog

Outdoor Edge Cutlery – Denver, Colorado 24 page hunting product catalog

product brochure design

Lennox Dog Collar Co. – Boulder, Colorado Single-fold product brochure

sales folder and brochure design

Adventure Office – Denver, Colorado Foiled/embossed logo and business card slit

food industry brochure design

Frutons – Newport Beach, California Product brochure

folded sales brochure design

GSWC – Castle Rock, Colorado Wind Power Conference two-fold brochure

Nor1 Sales Kit

Nor1 – Silicon Valley, California Sales Kit

WealthCounsel Quarterly Newslettter

WealthCounsel – Madison, Wisconsin Quarterly Newsletter

book cover design

Kardia – Indianapolis, Indiana To Whom Much is Given by Jay Link

book design

Kardia – Indianapolis, Indiana Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things by Jay Link

Ergentus - Tri-fold Brochure

Ergentus – Denver, Colorado Tri-fold Brochure

Binder Design

BI—Boulder, Colorado Department of Homeland Security Binder Design


Garrison Everest is a Denver graphic designer who can assist you in revolutionizing the brand of your company, transforming its image, and taking it straight to the top. Our team of branding specialist offer a unique approach to communicating brands. We use a combination of web design, brand development, and graphic design, to create or re-vamp the image of businesses.  Our graphic design includes: logo, website, package, poster, and brochure design- All equally important elements in the visual aspect of advertisement.

Not only is it vital for your customers to recognize who you are via your logo but it is important for them to associate that logo with your purpose and values as a company. However, we are a Denver graphic designer firm that understands that this accounts for only a portion of an ad campaign.  You see, what good is it for your customers to recognize who you are but not have full knowledge of what it is that you do? This is where our brochure development comes into focus.  If potential customers do not know what you do, how can they take advantage of all the products and services that you offer?  This essentially would be defeating the purpose of your advertisement campaign and constitutes promotional objectives that are flawed.

As a business owner, advertising is your best friend. It can mean survival or getting swept away by your competitors. Further, the way in which you approach your marketing objectives is just as important. Our Denver graphic designer agency can assist you and your company in establishing a solid, well-rounded plan, and create for you a brochure that effectively communicates you products and services.

Brochures can give potential customers a concise overview of the items and/or services you offer. They can highlight the specifics of things that you as a business owner might want to stand out, and are a good way to make “no pressure” sales pitches. Perhaps the most important benefit of the Denver graphic designer brochures that we offer is that customers can refer to them anytime they need to. This is vital for “closing the deal” with people who like to put some thought into the purchases that they make.

So equip your sales team, build your brand, and communicate your products and services with our brochures and marketing collateral designs. Garrison Everest will help you effectively reach and motivate your targets through exceptional creative and design performance.