7 Hunting, Outdoor and Firearm Brands That Are Changing the Industry

7 Brands That Are Changing the Hunting, Outdoor & Firearms Industry

    The hunting, outdoor and firearms industry is changing—again. New faces, mainstream cross overs and digital marketing are exciting flashpoints that are driving new revenue opportunities, changing perceptions and redefining how companies are approaching their business development and revenue goals. In this post, I picked seven brands that are changing the hunting, outdoor and firearms […]

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Why Your Website Needs To Be “Mobile-Friendly”, Like Yesterday

Starting April 21, 2015, “mobile-friendliness” will be a ranking factor on Google. Confirmed by Google in February—companies that do not have a mobile-friendly or responsive website will suffer ranking depreciation. Is your website mobile friendly, find out here. Did you pass? If so, you can click away from this article or maybe take a look at […]

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How Hunting Companies Can Outthink Their Competition With Inbound Marketing

For most emerging hunting, firearms and outdoor sports companies growing market share comes down to a matter of numbers. You know your product is good because you’ve gone to great lengths to make it durable, reliable and functional (which is an absolute must in this industry).  You’ve received positive feedback from your customers, signed some solid […]

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6 Tips To Increase Your Hunting Business’ Website Traffic

Your hunting, outdoor or firearms company’s website is an immense investment of time and money in your ability to enhance your business and brand online. It must be responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop viewable), it must be engaging, informative and entertaining. However, most marketers and business owners in the industry minimize this aspect during the […]

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How to Get Your Hunting Product Into Walmart

  Recently, a long-term sporting goods client of ours was rewarded placement in Walmart for their revolutionary new product. It won over Walmart because it’s innovative, made of quality materials, packaged correctly, easy-to-use and understand and our client has the support and the inventory to fulfill the required purchase order (10,000+ units). If you are […]

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Do You Really Know Who Your Customers Are?

Believe it or not, one of your hardest questions as a marketer is: Who—specifically—is our customer? I think most of us will admit we don’t know our customers as well as we should. By neglecting to have an accurate and well-defined customer or—buyer persona—you hinder the potential and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Marketing is about knowing […]

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