hunting business brand marketing

What Can Willie Robertson Teach Your Hunting Business About Branding?

Sometimes, a brand comes along that is really different—and goes against the grain of everything else you’ve been accustomed to. With over $40 million dollars in revenue in 2012 (Source: Wikipedia), and the number one cable show in history, no one can deny that the Robertson Family/Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty brand has done something right. If […]

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walmart logo

How to Get Your Hunting Product Into Walmart

  Recently, a long-term hunting knife manufacturer client of ten years was rewarded placement in Walmart for their revolutionary new product. It won over Walmart because it’s innovative, made of quality materials, packaged correctly, easy-to-use and understand and our client has the support and the inventory to fulfill the required purchase order (10,000+ units). If […]

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buyer persona customers

Do You Really Know Who Your Customers Are?

Believe it or not, one of your hardest questions as a marketer is: Who—specifically—is our customer? I think most of us will admit we don’t know our customers as well as we should. By neglecting to have an accurate and well-defined customer or—buyer persona—you hinder the potential and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Marketing is about knowing […]

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Physician Content Marketing Social Media

Should Physicians Utilize Social Media?

Health professionals, along with lawyers and financiers, are bound by a different set rules when it comes to communicating with the public, both on and offline. This has made publishing content online tricky, since they are faced with different challenges and obstacles. In today’s fast-moving digital age, they are now accepting and overcoming these challenges, […]

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tradeshow ROI

How To Get More ROI Out Of Your Next Trade Show

Hundreds of industries each year participate in trade shows to showcase new products, evaluate competition, network and attract dealers. From booth design and construction, marketing collateral, travel, accommodations, sponsorships, and the hassle of transporting your products to and from the show; trade show costs can become a major line item. As a business owner or marketer, you […]

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Brand Loyalty Customer Retention

7 Ways To Build Brand Loyalty Through Customer Retention

  Business owners of small-mid sized B2C companies—or entrepreneurs getting their enterprise off the ground—know that there are certain things that must be done in order to guarantee long-term success. The things that have brought success in the past must continue—and improve over time. This typically revolves around acquiring more customers and retaining the ones […]

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10 Secrets to better home page design

10 Secrets To Better Home Page Design

  With only 3-5 seconds to capture your website visitor’s attention, your company’s home page is one of your most important pieces of brand real estate. If you’re a business owner (or marketer), knowing the secrets to effective home page design is critical to success in the realm of inbound marketing. In this article, I’ll give you the […]

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Great Inbound Marketing

What Does Great Marketing Look Like?

    Ever wonder what great marketing looks like? Are you banging your head against the wall from wasting thousands of dollars on your latest ad placement or website design? Good design, a quality product (or service) isn’t enough anymore to cut through the clutter, skepticism nor the noise of marketplace clamor. Companies who want to maximize […]

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better indianapolis brochure design

5 Steps To Better Brochure Design

In the age of digital marketing, it’s easy to forget the importance and value of a quality printed brochure or catalog. A professionally designed brochure is a vital sales tool and serves several purposes when it comes to sales meetings and communicating your services to your target market. A quality printed presentation piece can speak volumes […]

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