Advertising is used to introduce, protect or reinforce an idea that builds a brand and provokes an action: buy now, call today, register, learn more, available here, vote for me, or visit www…


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At Garrison Everest, our Denver brand marketing guarantees results. We have a team of highly experienced individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that you are getting the quality services that you expect. One of many ways that we accomplish this is by focusing on the advertisement of your products and services. After we help you develop your brand, and design your logo, website, and informational marketing tools, naturally, we will have to create a platform by which to bring awareness to your target. A strong marketing campaign uses advertisement to introduce a product and stimulate excitement about it. By doing this, you are then able to reinforce your brand and encourage a desire for it.

Our experts in Denver brand marketing can take your company to the next level because we fully grasp the philosophy behind marketing; its history, and its relevance.  We understand that advertising has been of great value to commerce since people were buying, selling, and trading in the original “market place.”   But the business world has changed tremendously since then, the market place has become global, making advertisement even more crucial to the success of businesses. Now more than ever before, it is necessary for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors by placing more emphasis on the unique value of their products and services.

Garrison Everest’s Denver brand marketing firm understands that the primary objective of any business is to garner repeat customers. You don’t just want people stopping by and never returning. Therefore, you cannot expect a “one-time” announcement to generate repeat or life-long customers. Nor can you expet that word-of-mouth will grant you the maximum amount of traffic to your business.  The goal is to generate a steady stream of customers. That said, a strong commitment to advertising will serve to both remind and reinforce the value of your products and services to your customers.

There is, however, a method to delivering the message or “getting the word out,” as it were. This method constitutes promotion, awareness, comparison, retention, and morale. Promotion is a term we are all familiar with and involves the means by which we advertise via methods such as print ads, brochures, posters etc. Awareness is a component of advertisement that involves raising the awareness of your target market.   Comparison is an aspect of advertising that encourages your target audience to evaluate how your service or product stands up against your competitors (don’t worry, we’ve designed a solid brand). Retention is the process of reminding your existing customers that you’re still around, as we’ve previously discussed. And lastly morale is the aspect of advertisement that involves generating and maintaining a positive buzz.

Our Denver brand marketing firm will execute this process flawlessly. Through our advertising methods we will help your company attain and maintain the business that you deserve.

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