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Brand Development

Brand Development

A strong corporate brand coupled with a strong employer brand can drastically benefit your company’s marketing and sales efforts. Garrison Everest offers comprehensive brand development and employer branding strategies containing our proprietary Brand+People™ approach essential to creating a winning culture that attracts, sustains and delights customers in today’s competitive marketplace while building and maximizing your brand’s potential for growth. 

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

In today’s digital marketplace, inbound marketing is a proven methodology. The old days of placing ads, buying email lists, sending direct mail and hoping for leads have lost their effectiveness due to consumer behavior shifts. Inbound marketing attracts customers to your brand based on your ability to solve their problems by creating quality content that attracts, converts, closes and delights. Garrison Everest offers businesses a new way to grow your brand through blogging, email, social media and marketing automation.

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creative design

Professional Design

Trust is a key factor in doing business. Without a trustworthy image, you are wasting critical sales and marketing time and dollars. Our design team will help you add value, trust and credibility to your business and marketing objectives (packaging, professional web design, logo design, event and poster design, brochures) that allows you to garner trust and influence consumer purchase decisions.

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Brand + People™

Brand + People™
A better way to develop
brands for today’s competitive marketplace.

inbound marketing

Measurable Marketing
Proven methods and results with inbound marketing. 

build customer trust

Build Customer Trust
Brand design and marketing that adds trust, value and authenticity.

Extension of your team

Responsive and Reliable
We invest our expertise in your business for long term success.

What Our Clients Say…

Garrison Everest has played a pivotal role in the success of BreakthroughHF. Without the hard work and skills the team has brought to our partnership, we honestly would not be impacting the people who we’re currently helping.
Jonathan Roche
CEO, Breakthrough Health and Wellness

Garrison Everest is a first rate organization who does really great work. They have a very subtle unique style that is extremely powerful and interesting. Their team is extremely professional and if you want a really powerful web site that stands out from the rest, go with Garrison Everest.
Patrick Watriss
President, IT Depot

As the business owner of Outdoor Edge for 25 years I agree when they say, “It’s all about the marketing”. Garrison Everest has been key to our marketing team and taken an integral part in our company’s success for the past 10 years.
David Bloch
CEO, Outdoor Edge


About Garrison Everest Branding + Design

Located in Denver, Colorado and Indianapolis, Indiana, Garrison Everest is a full service brand development, inbound marketing and professional design agency. With our proprietary brand development approach—Brand+People™ —your people are the key differentiator in a marketplace full of identical competitors. We focus on brand alignment through brand perception, talent management, employee engagement and customer experience to create authentic human connections for business growth and success. As a seamless extension of your marketing and sales team, we blend branding, inbound marketing and creative design (professional web design, brochure design, logo design, infographics, package design and advertising) to increase your sales effectiveness
and achieve your business goals.